Gillette Fusion is more than just a next generation shaving brand, it’s the future of shaving.
Gillette CEO James M. Kilts

Having just purchased a 100 ct. box of double-edge razor blades, it looks like the future of my shaving will continue to be my old-fashioned safety razor. The blades cost $16.99, about the price of a 5-pack of Fusion cartridges.

While it may not be the latest thing for the up-to-date consumer, the safety razor offers a satisfying shaving experience, produces a fraction of the packaging waste you get with modern cartridges, and is far more economical than the 5-bladed wonder. I would probably be reluctant to pop one of those $3.00 cartridges into the wastebasket, and would tend to keep using them until I couldn't stand the pain any longer. No such problem with a 17 cent blade. The safety razor is also easy to clean. I wonder if they have figured out how to prevent multi-blade cartridges from clogging yet.

I have thought about a straight razor. That would be the manly way to go, but they seem like a lot of trouble with all the honing and stropping. And, of course, there is the fear of looking like Edward Scissorhands. The timeless ritual of shaving with a naked blade is a powerful call, though. The new box of 100 blades should last a good long time, plenty of time to think about it.

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